Dwight McCarthy (the_damn_fool) wrote in therightalley,
Dwight McCarthy

The Story So Far:

  Hartigan is dead.  Nancy is unaware of John's death.  She still believes that he's alive and just never came for her.  Everyone knows this news.  Marv and Shellie are going out of their way to keep this from her because they know the pain it will inflict.  Senator Roark sees this as nothing more than a write off.  He as wept for Junior and moved on.  His focus is now on his campaign.  Hartigan is dead, and Nancy has disappeared into the belly of Sin City.  Dwight and Ava are "offically" over.  She has meet Damien Lord and is currently in a "relationship"  with him.  Dwight and Gail are complete strangers, and as for Old Town, a woman named Sheena is in charge and business is better than ever...just two girls have gone missing in the last month and no one knows why.  Sheena has done some dealings with the Wallenquiest group, and things are getting more and more shaky as the time goes by.  Our main plot right now is dealing with Nancy dealing with Hartigan not coming for her, and Dwight looking for someone new in his life. 

  Whatever you guys want to do is completely open, we just ask that you keep the main story line flowing, and if something comes up Alex or myself will be more than happy to set the record straight.

  Personally, I'd like to apologize for the wait and if Alex has anything to add, by all means do.  Whomever wants to start a thread, open it up and lets get this bad boy underway.

  The RPG is offically open.
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